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The Natural Discovery that Can End Your Pain
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Say Goodbye To The Agony Of Joint Pain And Embrace A Life Of Comfort And Freedom. Fast, Potent, Effective, America’s #1 Rated Joint Health Supplement

Backed by 7 Clinical Trials, 34 Peer Reviewed Studies, and 20 Years of Research
  • Eliminate Joint Discomfort, Heat & Swelling in as Few as 5 Days*
  • Eliminate Pain Entirely in Two Weeks or Less.
  • Decrease Oxidative Damage to Joints, Lubricates Stiff & Sore, Achy Tissues
  • Rated #1 by the National Health Federation 2021, 2022
  • Optimized Curcumin, Boswellia, UC-II, & Type X.I.V. Eggshell Membrane, & Ginger Root for Maximum Effectiveness*
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userThum Gloria McAllister Verified Buyer
5Starts It was like a miracle.

I had been in an auto accident which affected my spine and caused chronic pain. I couldn’t raise my arms with our sever pain; combing my hair was almost impossible. Doctors gave me up to 24 aspirins per day, traction, hydrotherapy, sonic ray therapy and physiotherapy. It was at this time I began treatment with Arthrogenix. I felt a tremendous improvement in seven days. Within two weeks the brace was off and I felt better. I was able to raise my arms upward. It was like a miracle.

userThum Vernon Harrington Verified Buyer
5StartsSpine Healed

I was discharged from the Army in 1945. Shortly thereafter, I began to experience pains in my lower back and the disease became steadily worse. I became more crippled. My spine, at this time, had practically fused solid. Pain was continuous, day night, with no relief. I heard about arthrogenix and started taking it regularly. To my amazement within two weeks, the pain decreased at least 50%. I was able to walk better. I only wish I had started using it when the pain first started.

userThum Curtis Fitzpatrick Verified Buyer
5Starts Pain gone in three weeks

three years ago, maybe four, I started to get pains in my arms and fingers. As the time went on 12 aspirins a day didn’t help. Other medications we tried had no effect, so finally fixed to enter a hospital. They said to me nothing could be done. I had to live with it. All these symptoms cleared up in a short while after I started using Arthrogenix. It was fantastic/ within three weeks time the pain had left my shoulders, arm and hands. The pain been gone since July , just fantastic

userThum Norma Whitaker Verified Buyer
5Starts Inflammation vanishes in three days

I first felt less free motion of my spine that gradually aggravated. On & off I had inflammation in my spine, and I began to notice some deformity in my spine. The lower back pain came more often. I was on the Facebook and learned about Arthrogenix. After three days my inflammation of the spine was completely gone. I can now establish motion in most of my joints in the spine.

Rapid Healing For Joint Pain Sufferers!

rating rating rating rating rating 4.83 stars based on 3,896 Customer Reviews

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  • Eliminate Aches and Pain Quickly (UC-II)
  • Regain Maximum Energy (California Poppy)
  • Reverse the Effects of Inflammation (Green Lipped Muscle)
  • Increase Strength and Stamina (NEM)
  • Reduces Swelling 91% In Clinical Trials (Extracted HA)
  • #1 Rated All-Natural Pain Control (N.H.F.)
userThum Gloria McAllister Verified Buyer
5Starts It was like a miracle.

I had been in an auto accident which affected my spine and caused chronic pain. I couldn’t raise my arms with our sever pain; combing my hair was almost impossible. Doctors gave me up to 24 aspirins per day, traction, hydrotherapy, sonic ray therapy and physiotherapy. It was at this time I began treatment with Arthrogenix. I felt a tremendous improvement in seven days. Within two weeks the brace was off and I felt better. I was able to raise my arms upward. It was like a miracle.

userThum Vernon Harrington Verified Buyer
5StartsSpine Healed

I was discharged from the Army in 1945. Shortly thereafter, I began to experience pains in my lower back and the disease became steadily worse. I became more crippled. My spine, at this time, had practically fused solid. Pain was continuous, day night, with no relief. I heard about arthrogenix and started taking it regularly. To my amazement within two weeks, the pain decreased at least 50%. I was able to walk better. I only wish I had started using it when the pain first started.

userThum Curtis Fitzpatrick Verified Buyer
5Starts Pain gone in three weeks

three years ago, maybe four, I started to get pains in my arms and fingers. As the time went on 12 aspirins a day didn’t help. Other medications we tried had no effect, so finally fixed to enter a hospital. They said to me nothing could be done. I had to live with it. All these symptoms cleared up in a short while after I started using Arthrogenix. It was fantastic/ within three weeks time the pain had left my shoulders, arm and hands. The pain been gone since July , just fantastic

userThum Norma Whitaker Verified Buyer
5Starts Inflammation vanishes in three days

I first felt less free motion of my spine that gradually aggravated. On & off I had inflammation in my spine, and I began to notice some deformity in my spine. The lower back pain came more often. I was on the Facebook and learned about Arthrogenix. After three days my inflammation of the spine was completely gone. I can now establish motion in most of my joints in the spine.


Try Risk-Free For 90 Days

It's only natural to approach new solutions with a healthy dose of skepticism. That's why we introduced our unparalleled Gold Standard Guarantee. It's a no- risk, 100% money-back assurance that lasts for a remarkable 90 days. If, at any point during these three months, you don't experience the remarkable results we've promised, if you don't wake up each morning feeling noticeably improved, if you don't witness the rejuvenating and healing process at work in your joints, if you don't declare Arthrogenix as the most effective joint formula you've ever encountered, then we insist on refunding every cent of your purchase price. It's a pledge that goes beyond satisfaction—it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to your well-being. Alongside this extraordinary guarantee, are two exclusive bonuses valued at $84.95 - yours to keep absolutely free - even if you return your order. It's our way of ensuring that you walk away with more than you came for, regardless of the outcome. Order now and seize the opportunity to embark on a journey of rejuvenation, revitalization, and freedom from joint discomfort. Your satisfaction is not only guaranteed—it's our top priority.

Rated #1

2 nd Year in a Row

This groundbreaking discovery is supported by an astounding 14 U.S. patents and backed by over $1.1 million worth of clinical trials that leave no doubt about its effectiveness. As the oldest non-profit health organization in the United States, The National Health Federation meticulously conducted quality tests on numerous joint health supplements. And guess what? Arthrogenix emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious #1 spot in both 2022 and 2023. This triumph marks a groundbreaking milestone in the history of pain research—a revolutionary blend of therapeutic agents that intercepts pain midway and compels the body to embark on a remarkable self-healing journey instead of spiraling into self-destruction. Arthrogenix, our remarkable joint health solution, has claimed the illustrious #1 spot in both 2022 and 2023, according to these highly respected health experts. This accolade signifies an unrivaled level of excellence that sets Arthrogenix apart from the rest. Embrace this transformative solution and bid farewell to the shackles of joint pain once and for all.

Say Goodbye to Those Costly Joint-Pain Injections That Drain Your Wallet and Leave You with a Laundry List of Potential Side Effects.


Up until now, doctors relied on Hyaluronic Acid injections to give that much- needed boost to synovial fluid—the precious lubricating "oil" found between your cartilage and bones. The molecule used in those injections was just too darn big to be absorbed into your bloodstream. The brilliant minds over at Alpha Vita, a team of six European Scientists, cracked the code - giving you the same relief - without needles. By extracting smaller, more absorbable form of the molecule that your stomach and intestines can handle like champs! No more playing pincushion every week for five long weeks! And let's not forget the risks of the doctor "missing" the precise spot in your joint. Ouch! Not to mention the hefty price tag that comes with those painful injections. Talk about a double whammy. Arthrogenix packs the same punch as those injections, except with a whole lot of perks. It's cheap, it's nonprescription, and it delivers relief to every joint in your body! How, you ask? Well, it takes a detour through your digestive system and enters the bloodstream, reaching every nook and cranny. That means a wider variety of pain relief. People from every corner of the globe are jumping on this bandwagon of Synovial Fluid Science. Trust me when I say this—there's nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that even comes close to Arthrogenix in terms of safe, powerful pain relief. It's a scientific blend of Mother Nature's most potent pain relievers, "turbo-charged" by the jaw-dropping HYLAGENIX® HA breakthrough. And guess what? You don't need a prescription to get your hands on this game-changer! Don't let those joint daggers, back pain flare-ups, or aching hips and shoulders keep you down. In a groundbreaking study straight out of Europe, Arthrogenix went head-to-head with the big boys—NSAID’s, glucosamine, and chondroitin. And boy, did it leave them in the dust! Take a look at this chart, and witness the jaw-dropping results of this double-blind placebo-controlled study.


Picture this: after a mere 30 days, a whopping 9 out of 10 people who took Arthrogenix experienced absolutely no swelling. Meanwhile, in the other corner, only 2 out of 10 people who took the NSAID saw a reduction in swelling. Talk about a stark difference! Let's dive into the realm of severe swelling. Brace yourselves for this mind-boggling fact: not a single case of severe swelling was detected in the group that took Arthrogenix. That's a 100% effectiveness rate for severe swelling! But it doesn't stop there. Those lucky folks who hopped on the Arthrogenix train reported increased energy, improved joint mobility, and fewer aches and pains. It's like hitting the pain-relief jackpot! Synovial fluid is already inside your body, just waiting for the moment to shine and heal your pain. Arthrogenix swoops in and activates and multiplies your body's natural supply of synovial fluid—all at a fraction of the cost. This study wasn't some half-hearted comparison against a placebo. Arthrogenix went head-to-head with one of the most popular NSAIDs and joint health ingredients that people consume day in and day out. And guess what? No other joint pain formula even comes close! Arthrogenix dives deep into the cellular level, providing relief to your arms, hands, fingers, knees, legs, ankles, and feet like nothing else on this planet. Keep reading, because the experts believe we've hit the closest thing to a real-life pain-relief fountain of youth.

Human clinical studies

Harvard University reveals an astonishing 92.1% reduction in swelling in just four weeks with Arthrogenix. Arthrogenix and its proprietary HYLAGENIX® HA is an incredible breakthrough that supercharges your joints, allowing the naturally coiled synovial fluid to rise up and replenish damaged cartilage. In the past, the only way to experience this level of relief would be through costly Hyaluronic Acid needle injections that would set you back over $600 a shot. Renowned baseball and football teams rely on these injections to help their players find relief from the pains associated with professional sports. HYLAGENIX® HA is the vital first piece of the puzzle that transforms Arthrogenix into the pain-erasing wonder that it is. The second piece of is the revolutionary 14-ingredient formula, carefully wildcrafted to virtually erase your pain. These are no ordinary run-of-the-mill substances. We're talking about powerhouses like California Poppy, the "mountain daisy" from Baja, Green Lipped Muscle, Passion Flower, Lobelia, and many more. When these all-stars join forces and are propelled by HYLAGENIX® HA straight to the source of your pain, true relief finally becomes a reality. Forget about those pain pills that leave you wondering if they're even doing anything. With Arthrogenix you'll feel the results immediately. With the power of HYLAGENIX® HA, rivaling the results of costly injection therapies without draining your life savings, and with those 14 revolutionary ingredients turbo-charging the formula, Arthrogenix will soon have you smiling, bending, lifting, walking, and who knows, it might even have you dancing the foxtrot.

Connie Chung Shocks Viewers & Exposes Bizarre Pain Relief Molecule

Connie Chung, renowned television personality, unleashed a shockwave as she uncovered an extraordinary pain relief molecule as she unraveled the secret to "staving off the aging process" using none other than Hyaluronic Acid on her ABC TV show. Hyaluronic Acid, or HA as insiders call it, possesses miraculous properties that effectively combat inflammation and alleviate pain by enhancing synovial fluid production. However, here's the catch: most forms of HA are notoriously challenging to digest. Fear not, for we have uncovered the ultimate solution—a breakthrough method known as "bacterial fermentation." Bacterial fermentation, unlike its needle-induced counterpart, allows you to reap the benefits of HA without the discomfort of countless needle pricks. If you're willing to shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars to have HA injected directly into your body, you'll be replenishing your system with an abundance of "fresh reserves." It's no wonder the affluent elite, opt for this route. However, here's where we at Alpha Vita® enter the scene, armed with a game-changing idea. By combining cutting-edge technology with the unrivaled power of our very own formula.


The Breakthrough Extraction Technology That Catapults Arthrogenix To The Forefront Of The Market

You can now experience the benefits of HA in the convenient form of a pill, liberating you from the needles and injections of the past! In a groundbreaking study published in a prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal, Arthrogenix's HYLAGENIX® HA triumphed over fermented or "injected" HA in an in vitro examination of human synovial fluid. Human clinical trials conducted on 20 subjects taking HYLAGENIX® HA, elevated synovial fluid production by a staggering 225%, all without the need for invasive procedures. Never before in the annals of medical science has such a miraculous breakthrough yielded such extraordinary results. Our proprietary breakthrough, HYLAGENIX® HA, surges through your veins, stimulating the growth of an abundant sea of synovial fluid— the very fluid that lubricates and cushions your joints, absorbing the impact of each step, every staircase, every jarring car ride, and even those heavy bags of groceries. Arthrogenix harnesses HA’s natural ability to load itself with precisely the right amount of synovial fluid, ensuring that every joint remains cushioned and smooth, even if your pain is tearing you apart. Arthrogenix amplifies synovial fluid production by a staggering 225% while constructing eight times more cartilage, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for joint restoration. Visualize the impact on your joints, your mobility, and your overall quality of life.

dramatic_X rays

Remember, synovial fluid exists within your body solely for the purpose of healing your bones, cartilage, joints, and every other component that enables you to lead a healthy and happy life. That's precisely why you seldom hear about 22-year-olds battling back problems or witness 9-year-olds grappling with stiffness in their hands or feet. By the time you reach your 60s and beyond, all that remains are a diminishing number of weary, worn-out, dysfunctional synovial fluid cells. Synovial fluid is the holy grail of pain-free aging. Through our extensive research, we have discovered the precise combination of powerful ingredients, meticulously dosed, that can naturally boost your body's production of synovial fluid. The remarkable pain-relieving capabilities of Arthrogenix have been extensively documented in over 100 reports conducted across the United States, Hungary, Russia, Australia, Israel, and Italy. The transformative impact of a single nutrient found in Arthrogenix has been validated through an impressive array of 16 distinct clinical trials. This groundbreaking advancement in Synovial Fluid Science not only offers support to your joints in their battle against the relentless ticking of Father Time but also threatens to strip billions of dollars from the pockets of health insurers, drug companies, for-profit medicine, and everyone else who had envisioned profiting from your pain. Arthrogenix has been hailed by numerous health experts as a "time capsule in a bottle" because it represents the latest breakthrough in Synovial Fluid Science. In another groundbreaking study, researchers from Columbia University concluded that Arthrogenix exhibited 100% effectiveness in cases of severe swelling and successfully reversed existing cartilage damage. This unprecedented breakthrough in synovial fluid absorption offers unparalleled relief to inflamed and agonizing tissues, surpassing every other natural remedy.

Ever Nutrients

Imagine How Good You'll Feel When Your Muscles and Joints Stop Complaining!

Ever Nutrients

Do You Recognize These 7 Warning Signs of Serious Joint Complications?

• Aching Feet, Hands, & Knees
• Trouble Sleeping Due to Pain
• Sore Lower Back
• Cranky Hip Joints
• Hand Cramps When Writing
• Muscle Soreness & Stiffness
• Decreased Range of Motion

Are you burdened by a long list of medications? Or do your joints scream in agony every time you attempt a simple task like bending down or opening a jar? It's an excruciating ordeal that none of us should endure. Synovial fluid, the holy grail of pain-free aging, has captivated the attention of scientists for decades. And now, Arthrogenix® emerges as the first natural supplement capable of delivering the same results as costly HA injection therapies, without draining our life savings in the process.


Arthrogenix is the breakthrough that brings the miracle of Synovial Fluid within reach of everyone. It's a scientific blend of Nature's most potent pain relievers, supercharged by the astonishing HYLAGENIX® innovation. These exceptional ingredients activate your body's internal production of Synovial Fluid and, when propelled by HYLAGENIX®, provide genuine relief right at the source of your pain. With Arthrogenix, you don't just look and feel like your youthful self; you heal like your youthful self as well. Now, these small capsules grant you the opportunity to benefit from synovial fluid research in a natural and non-invasive manner, sparing you from expensive procedures. Just two simple, small capsules per day are all it takes. Take them in the morning, with a glass of water, during lunch, in the afternoon, or right before bed. The timing doesn't matter, as long as you take Arthrogenix. Once you have this miraculous synovial fluid activator in your possession, it's akin to witnessing the reversal of your body's internal pain reserves. Each time you consume one of these tiny "time capsules," your aching joints embark on a journey back in time.


Whether it's your hands and wrists, shoulders, back, or knees, Arthrogenix is the solution you've been searching for. Imagine returning to a time when you were at the peak of health, mentally sharp, and free from pain, and staying that way for the rest of your life. It's not a work of fiction; it's the power of synovial fluid science. Expect your pain to start fading from the moment you begin taking Arthrogenix. In just a week or ten days, you'll bid farewell to the need for aspirin or other pain relievers. Anticipate continuous improvement in your joint mobility and gradual restoration of damaged bone. Envision a life of normalcy without the burden of pain. In most cases, Arthrogenix eliminates pain, heat, and swelling in joints within three to ten days and restores normal bone structure within three to six months. Impossible? Not if you believe the testimonials of life-long professional doctors and the countless clinical studies conducted worldwide. Click below to explore the 14 synovial fluid activating ingredients found in Arthrogenix, and witness firsthand the revolutionary nature and unparalleled uniqueness of this formula.

The New Frontier

A Message From
Leading Medical Physican

Dr Mark Saginor
Dr Mark Saginor, M.B.,B.S (U.S.),

“As a Double Board-Certified doctor with a deep-rooted focus on nutrition, I was naturally drawn to Arthrogenix. The scientific foundation behind each ingredient caught my attention. I've dedicated decades to being at the forefront of bone health research. When I discovered that Arthrogenix's formula had successfully withstood the scrutiny of over 100 clinical studies, I was thoroughly impressed. But what truly astounded me was the fact that synovial fluid replenishment could now be achieved without the need for needle injections. A colleague of mine in the medical field shared X-rays as evidence of Arthrogenix's ability to naturally improve bone structure. As I examined those X-rays, I couldn't help but feel genuine amazement. I witnessed kneecaps regenerating, compressed vertebrae un-fusing themselves, bony overgrowth diminishing, and its excessive proliferation being curtailed and absorbed. Before recommending Arthrogenix to patients suffering from severe joint swelling, I decided to try it myself. The results pleasantly surprised me, as I experienced an almost immediate surge in vitality and energy. I wholeheartedly endorse Arthrogenix to anyone seeking to enhance their mobility, flexibility, alleviate joint pain, and repair years of wear-and-tear on their joints. Arthrogenix has undoubtedly opened up a new frontier in the realm of natural pain relief.”

doctorThum drMark Clinical research proves it relieves joint pain & stiffness without dangerous side effects.

Can Flooding Your Body with Pristine, Brand-New
Synovial Fluid Really Be This Simple?

Can it really be this simple to flood your body with pristine, rejuvenating synovial fluid? We were skeptical as we delved into the research, questioning if such remarkable results were truly attainable. But to our astonishment, our dedicated team unearthed an extensive list of over 100 additional studies published in the most esteemed peer-reviewed medical journals on the face of this planet. They unequivocally demonstrated that with the right combination of extraordinary ingredients, not only is it possible to ignite your body's production of a boundless ocean of revitalizing synovial fluid, but it can also be remarkably effortless. Our journey began with a comprehensive roster of over 330 ingredients. Yet, we held nothing back in our pursuit of excellence. We ruthlessly eliminated any ingredient that lacked robust support from multiple peer-reviewed and scientifically published studies. This rigorous process left us with a carefully curated selection of just 13 exceptional ingredients. These ingredients represent the epitome of excellence when it comes to stimulating Synovial Fluid production. And when we combined these 13 remarkable ingredients with the groundbreaking HYLAGENIX® Hylaronic Acid molecule, we finally birthed a miracle product, ready to rewrite the story of your joints and infuse your life with newfound freedom and comfort.

Ingredient 2
UC-11 Collagen®
Ingredient 11
California Poppy
Ingredient 1
X.I.V. Eggshell Membrane
Ingredient 3
Optimized Curcumin
Ingredient 4
Optimized Boswellia
Ingredient 6
HYLAGENIX® Hyaluronate
Ingredient 5
Growth Factor B
Ingredient 7
Ingredient 8 Ginger Root Extract
Ingredient 9
Optimized Black Pepper “Piperin”
Ingredient 10
Green Lipped Muscle
Ingredient 12
Passion flower
Ingredient 13
White Willow
Ingredient 14
Nutrient 2

Breakthrough Ingredient #1:

UC-11 Collagen®

Once you hit that golden age of 65 and beyond, chances are you're running low on collagen. It's a sad reality that our food just doesn't provide us with enough of this vital component. But hold on tight, because I've got a secret shortcut for you, backed by clinical studies that prove its superiority over traditional food sources. It goes by the name of Indentured Type II Collagen, and let me tell you, it's a game- changer. This remarkable form of collagen doesn't simply lend support to your cartilage; oh no, it goes above and beyond. It tackles pain head-on and bids farewell to that pesky morning stiffness that plagues so many of us. Indentured Type II Collagen outperforms glucosamine and chondroitin by a staggering 240% in terms of providing relief. This powerhouse duo of Indentured Type II Collagen and HYLAGENIX® HA extract will unleash a torrent of natural joint rejuvenation within your body, turning each morning into a delightful awakening of enhanced well-being. Don't miss out on this chance to supercharge your joint "replacement" process.

Nutrient 11

Breakthrough Ingredient #2:

California Poppy

This beautiful flower is the State Flower of California. It’s known for its simple beauty. But what most people don’t know is that the seed of this plant can be a powerful alternative to prescription medications – with no known side effects. Now unlike its more famous – and notorious cousin – the narcotic- and opiate- producing poppy, the California Poppy has the power without the problems. The California Poppy is best known for its benefits with joint pain. That’s why it’s one of our breakthrough ingredients.

Nutrient 1

Breakthrough Ingredient #3:

X.I.V. Eggshell Membrane

Doctors and scientists now confirm the “King of Regrowth”—Natural Eggshell Membrane—deactivates not one but 400 agony-causing genes. X.I.V. Patented Eggshell Membrane® provides vital nutrients for the body to rebuild damaged bone and cartilage. For example, in a study of 100 people with knee pain and stiffness, those who took 300 mg (the amount in Arthrogenix) saw their average pain and stiffness significantly lessen in a short period of time.

Nutrient 3

Breakthrough Ingredient #4:

Optimized Curcumin

Curcumin, the #4 breakthrough ingredient in Arthrogenix, has been shown to help support healthy cellular inflammatory response, one of the most critical secrets to staying pain free as you age. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that in numerous double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled studies, curcumin has been proven to actually build joint cartilage. It’s needed to make the “raw material” used in cartilage. Our Curcumin is superiorly extracted, making it an absolutely perfect addition to Arthrogenix.

Nutrient 4

Breakthrough Ingredient #5:

Optimized Boswellia

In a major study published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, Boswellia ‘triples up’ the bodies response to inflammation! Researchers find that Boswellia helps create healthy, youthful joint tissue. Boswellia provides joints with the crucial nutrients that keep you pain-free and mobile. Scientist found that Boswellia “markedly” activates “neural joint tissues”. Which suggests that with the right daily dosage of Boswellia ( like you get inside Arthrogenix) age-associated pain could soon become a thing of the past!

Nutrient 6

Breakthrough Ingredient #6:

HYLAGENIX® Hyaluronate

Arthrogenix offers this proprietary HYLAGENIX® Hylaronic Acid - this technology is believed to be the the key factor in the groundbreaking clinical trials. Hylaronic acid has been recognized as the best natural pain reliever for the last Five Thousand Years! With our breakthrough extraction called HYLAGENIX®, Hylaronic Acid is now completely absorbable without needles for the first time in History.
Scientists have long known that Hylaronic Acid loves to gather in our bone marrow and is the key to keeping joints smooth and pain free. Until now, the only way to get this type of relief was with needles or injections! This groundbreaking extraction of Hylaronic Acid increases human bone marrow synovial fluid by 225% and turns stiff, achy joints smooth, & pain-free. With HYLAGENIX®, it’s now extremely easy to generate MORE powerful repair cells in our joints.

Nutrient 5

Breakthrough Ingredient #7:

Growth Factor B

Growth Factor B is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of joint health. Derived from cutting-edge research, this natural wonder is designed to stimulate the body's own healing processes and combat joint pain at its core. Growth Factor B is part of a group of polypeptides produced by the body that can stimulate cellular growth. A study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research followed a group of healthy women for 24 months. After 12 months and then again at 24 months, the placebo group experienced significant bone loss. But the group taking Growth Factor B experienced ZERO bone loss at both 12 and 24 months. It was as if time stood still for them! Growth Factor B helps replenish the lubricating fluids in your joints, providing smooth and friction-free mobility.

Nutrient 7

Breakthrough Ingredient #8:


Elastin is nature's unsung hero when it comes to joint health. Found abundantly in our bodies, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of our joints. But here's the catch – as we age, our bodies produce less Elastin, leading to stiff, achy joints. With Elastin supplementation, you can supercharge your body's natural joint support system and bid farewell to joint pain and stiffness. Elastin acts as the body's natural lubricant, ensuring smooth and friction-free joint movement. By replenishing your body with Elastin, you'll experience effortless mobility and freedom from discomfort. Picture yourself bending, twisting, and reaching without hesitation. Elastin helps restore flexibility to your joints, enabling you to enjoy a full range of motion and engage in activities you love. Elastin works tirelessly to address the root cause of discomfort, offering you long-lasting relief.

Nutrient 8

Breakthrough Ingredient #9:

Ginger Root Extract

Ginger Root Extract is nature's gift, carefully extracted from the potent ginger plant. Packed with powerful bioactive compounds, this miraculous extract has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to combat inflammation and ease joint pain. Ginger Root Extract is a natural warrior against inflammation, the primary culprit behind joint pain. By targeting inflammation at its source, it helps soothe and relieve joint discomfort, allowing you to regain control over your life. Unlike temporary fixes, Ginger Root Extract tackles joint pain head-on, providing you with long-lasting relief. It works with your body's natural healing processes to address the root cause of your discomfort, providing sustainable results. Ginger Root Extract is derived from nature's pharmacy, offering a safe and effective solution without the risks associated with synthetic alternatives. Experience the power of Mother Earth at its finest.

Nutrient 9

Breakthrough Ingredient #10:

Optimized Black Pepper “Piperin”

Black Pepper Piperine is not just a humble spice found in your kitchen pantry. It is a formidable force when it comes to combatting joint pain. Packed with powerful bioactive compounds, this miraculous ingredient has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to alleviate inflammation and ease joint discomfort. Black Pepper Piperine contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that target the root cause of joint pain. By reducing inflammation, it provides soothing relief and allows you to regain control over your life. Did you know that Black Pepper Piperine can supercharge the absorption of nutrients in your body? By increasing bioavailability, it ensures that essential joint-supporting nutrients are effectively delivered to where they are needed the most. When combined with our other joint-supporting ingredients, Black Pepper Piperine enhances their effectiveness. It acts as a catalyst, unlocking the full potential of the formula and maximizing the benefits you receive.

Nutrient 10

Breakthrough Ingredient #11:

Green Lipped Muscle

Green Lipped Mussel Extract contains a unique blend of Omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, chondroitin, and other joint-supporting nutrients. These natural compounds work synergistically to reduce inflammation, providing soothing relief and allowing you to move with ease. Say goodbye to the grinding and stiffness that accompanies joint movement. Green Lipped Mussel Extract helps replenish the vital lubricating fluids in your joints, promoting smooth and friction-free mobility. Green Lipped Mussel Extract targets the root cause of joint discomfort, providing long-lasting results. Embrace an active, pain-free existence and enjoy life to the fullest. Our premium formula harnesses the potency of this remarkable ingredient, ensuring you receive the full benefits nature has to offer.

Nutrient 12

Breakthrough Ingredient #12:

Passion flower

Passion Flower (also known as Passiflora) is a powerful herb native to the USA. It can be found from the Florida Keys as far north as Ohio and then west to California. Despite its name, it doesn’t make you more passionate or amorous. Instead, it’s been used for hundreds of years to relax people from pains and discomforts. It’s been exhaustively studied by the medical community and noted for its powerful calming effect. Research has shown it is highly useful for many pain conditions. It helps relax your muscles and promotes restful sleep. And if you have joint pain, you know how important that can be.

Nutrient 13

Breakthrough Ingredient #13:

White Willow

White Willow has been used for centuries to promote comfort in the arms and legs. In particular, it is used in many formulas to counter joint pain, weak circulation, and even counter cancer. White Willow supports the immune system and the nervous system. White Willow Muscle Extract is not your ordinary herb. It is a potent source of joint-supporting compounds that have been used for centuries to alleviate pain and promote overall joint health. Derived from the bark of the white willow tree, this remarkable ingredient holds the key to your freedom from joint discomfort. White Willow Muscle Extract contains salicin, a natural compound that acts as a potent pain reliever. It works by inhibiting the production of inflammatory substances in your body, providing you with soothing relief and allowing you to move without limitations. Chronic inflammation is often the underlying cause of joint pain. White Willow Muscle Extract combats inflammation at its source, reducing swelling and easing discomfort. Experience the freedom of pain-free living! Unlike harsh synthetic alternatives, White Willow Muscle Extract is gentle on your body. It offers a natural solution without the risk of harmful side effects, allowing you to experience relief with peace of mind.

Nutrient 14

Breakthrough Ingredient #14:


Lobelia Extract supports the production of synovial fluid, the natural lubricant that cushions your joints. It helps maintain the smoothness and flexibility of your joints, preventing discomfort and stiffness. Lobelia has been used around the world for hundreds of years. From India, where it is used for respiratory relief, to China, where it was used for stomach upsets and to combat cancer, Lobelia’s powerful healing properties are noted. It is commonly used as a powerful muscle relaxant and helps calm the hands and feet. Lobelia Extract combats inflammation at its core, reducing swelling and promoting a healthier joint environment. This is your chance to experience the transformative effects of Lobelia Extract firsthand.

Why Are So Many InstaFlex, Osteo-BiFlex, FlexNow, and Physicans Choice Users Switching to ArthroGenix?

Maybe It’s Because Of This Chart.

arthroGenixV13Chart arthroGenixV13Chart

New Joint Pain Breakthrough Doesn’t Just “Pause” The Inflammation Process… It Rewinds It!

New Joint Pain Breakthrough Doesn’t Just “Pause” The Inflammation Process… It Rewinds It!

*** RECEIPT ***

Arthrogenix isn't some fly-by-night concoction. It's been rigorously tested, analyzed, and examined by the best in the field. This remarkable supplement has undergone scrutiny and has emerged triumphant, garnering recognition from the most prestigious medical institutions and leading medical journals. This extraordinary formula is a game-changer for your health but also a wallet-saver - saving you a whopping $658 a year. You won't find Arthrogenix, or anything that even comes close to its effectiveness, in your typical drug store or natural foods store. With our patented HYLAGENIX® synovial fluid delivery system leading the charge, combined with thirteen rare and premium herbs, including the illustrious California Poppy sourced from the majestic Mountains of Baja, you can see why the price tag of $40.95 is an absolute steal. Arthrogenix isn't just making bold claims; it's backed by medical proof.

22 Nobel-Prize-Winning Scientists Joined Forces With Hundreds Of Medical Experts

Arthrogenix has received the stamp of approval from the crème de la crème of medical institutions. We're talking about leading medical journals, esteemed establishments like Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, and Stanford. These giants of the medical world have given their nod of recognition to Arthrogenix, recognizing its exceptional efficacy and safety.

“It Works For Me And My Wife.”

The pain departs more and more after each use. My vitality returned almost instantly. I turned 60 in July, and as my life is getting better, so is my pain, thanks to your product. The best part of all is that it works for my wife, who has pain and tried everything out there including manipulation and acupuncture. She gave it a try and uses it daily. She gets relief and we couldn’t be happier. Everything you say about your product is true, every word. I am thrilled.

- Simon Phillips, Hampton, NJ


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Here's the deal: If you're not head-over-heels in LOVE with your Arthrogenix experience, then you won't pay a single dime. That's right, I'm not pulling your leg. We stand by our product so firmly that we offer a no-questions-asked refund policy. Simply reach out to our U.S.-based, award-winning Customer Service Team via phone or email, and they'll gladly refund your purchase. It's as simple as that.

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Top Positive Review

userThum Gloria McAllister Verified Buyer flagIcon United States 08/14/2021
5Starts It was like a miracle.

I had been in an auto accident which affected my spine and caused chronic pain. I couldn’t raise my arms with our sever pain; combing my hair was almost impossible. Doctors gave me up to 24 aspirins per day, traction, hydrotherapy, sonic ray therapy and physiotherapy. It was at this time I began treatment with Arthrogenix. I felt a tremendous improvement in seven days. Within two weeks the brace was off and I felt better. I was able to raise my arms upward. It was like a miracle.

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Top Critical Review

userThum Dan Locke Verified Buyer flagIcon United States 04/19/2022
5Starts A bit of assistance

It seemed to provide a bit of a help. Although I do wish Iexperienced full, complete relief for my joint pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Else Can You Tell Me About Arthrogenix?

Arthrogenix is made right here in the United States, in a facility that follows all Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines. It also contains no gluten, no soy, and no artificial colors. Making this an incredibly pure yet highly effective breakthrough in joint health science. Most people aren’t aware of it, but the ingredients of most vitamins and supplements today come from China. Even if the product says “Made in the USA” , the actual ingredients may come from China. The reason this is important is because these products are produced with little or no supervision. You have no guarantee about the purity or quality of these ingredients. Arthrogenix is different. None of our ingredients come from China. It’s your FIRST guarantee of quality. All our ingredients are either organic or wildcrafted. This means you are getting a completely natural product in a plant-based capsule that is suitable for vegans.

Can I see the full label?

Sure thing, here is the label.


Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose (capsule) Rice Bran, Silica

What is Synovial Fluid and Why is it Important?

Each and every one of us is born with a precious stockpile of this remarkable joint fluid. But here's the catch: Until now, the only way to replenish this vital fluid was through painful and expensive needle injections. It was a costly and uncomfortable ordeal. However, thanks to the groundbreaking discovery found exclusively in Arthrogenix, you can now bid farewell to those woes. Arthrogenix, powered by the revolutionary HYLAGENIX® HA formulation, holds the key to replacing your depleted synovial fluid and keeping your joints safe and youthful. This remarkable synovial fluid delivery system works wonders, refreshing the fluid in your joints, revitalizing your skin, and rejuvenating your cartilage. It's a comprehensive solution that targets multiple areas for your overall joint health and well-being. Unlock the secrets of youthful joints and experience the rejuvenating effects of Arthrogenix for yourself. It's time to say goodbye to joint troubles and hello to a life filled with comfort and vitality.

How Much Arthrogenix Do You Need To Take?

All you need to do is take 2 capsules each day, consistently, for a minimum of 30 days. Each bottle contains a 30 day supply. Allow me to explain why this 30-day commitment is crucial. You see, the moment you start taking Arthrogenix, its 14 powerful joint-healing ingredients begin their work, offering almost immediate relief. But here's the fascinating insight from countless clinical studies: The longer you continue taking each of these remarkable ingredients, the greater the benefits your body can experience. Let's take a closer look at the star ingredient inside Arthrogenix, HYLAGENIX® Hyaluronic Acid. This powerful compound, ranked as the #1 ingredient in Arthrogenix, has been shown to increase synovial fluid cells by an astounding 225%. Now, brace yourself for this incredible finding: In a significant study, participants who faithfully took Arthrogenix for a full 3-6 months witnessed a remarkable increase in bone density. Imagine the possibilities of living a longer, healthier, and more energized life for years to come! Given these remarkable findings, it only makes sense to keep taking Arthrogenix day after day and month after month. After all, the cost of Arthrogenix is a mere few pennies per day—a small price to pay for the countless benefits it can provide. That's precisely why we strongly recommend selecting at least 3 bottles of Arthrogenix at a time. And if you truly want to ensure comprehensive support, go ahead and choose 6 bottles. Then, commit to taking Arthrogenix for a minimum of 90 days. By doing so, you can rest assured that you've done everything within your power to support your body's vital bones and tissues. Across the United States, people are hailing this breakthrough in joint pain relief as a "Gift From God." And today, my friend, this is your golden opportunity to join them. Don't miss out on this chance to transform your life and bid farewell to joint pain once and for all.

How are My Joints Affected By Aging?

As the hands of time tick on, our once vibrant muscles and resilient cartilage beneath our skin begin to shrink and wither. The culprit behind this unfortunate transformation? It's none other than a lack of that precious synovial fluid. Joints start to crumble, sending sharp shooting pains, stiffness, and relentless aches coursing through your body. Your once supple joints lose their elasticity, becoming rigid and unyielding. These unmistakable signs are the telltale markers of dysfunctional synovial fluid—the very lifeblood that keeps our joints in harmony. According to esteemed scientists at Stanford, a staggering 75% of our synovial fluid is depleted as we enter the golden years. It's as if nature conspires against us, leaving us with a mere fraction of the fluid we so desperately need to protect and heal our precious bones, cartilage, and joint tissue. Research has revealed that our production of synovial fluid dwindles by a staggering 90% after the age of 65. It's a daunting fact that paints a clear picture—our golden years are accompanied by a dwindling supply of vital joint fluid, leaving us vulnerable and at risk. My friend, this knowledge is both alarming and perilous. The solution lies in understanding the power of Arthrogenix—a revolutionary breakthrough designed to replenish and restore your precious synovial fluid. It's time to take action, to reclaim the vitality and resilience of your joints. Don't let the march of time dictate your well-being. Choose Arthrogenix, and let the power of cutting-edge science guide you to a future free from the shackles of aging joints. Your body deserves the best, and Arthrogenix delivers precisely that. Embrace the opportunity to reclaim your youthful vigor and bid farewell to the trials of dysfunctional synovial fluid. The choice is yours, my friend—choose wisely and savor the joy of pain-free living.

How Does Arthrogenix Help Support The Health And Function of my Joints, Muscles, and Bones?

Each and every ingredient within Arthrogenix has been meticulously dosed to match the precise levels supported by clinical research. This is a big deal, my friend, because too much or too little of these powerful compounds can diminish their effectiveness. It's like having an army of pain-fighting soldiers strategically positioned throughout your body. Even during times of intense activity, these mighty warriors absorb excess inflammation coursing through your bloodstream and transport it directly to the deepest layers of your joint tissue. It's a cellular- level restoration that deactivates hundreds of agony-causing cells, providing unparalleled relief.
But here's where Arthrogenix truly sets itself apart. Unlike other joint supplements, it stands tall with the backing of double-blind clinical trials. Yes, you heard that right—scientific evidence that documents its astonishing ability to regenerate joint cartilage at an astonishing pace. Whether you're grappling with the nagging stiffness that haunts your every day or the acute discomfort that arises when you push yourself too far, Arthrogenix has got you covered. Imagine your cartilage as the solid framework of a sturdy house. With Arthrogenix by your side, that framework becomes fortified, resilient, and ready to support your joints like never before. Prepare to witness a revolutionary transformation as this breakthrough technology floods your joints with the precise nutrients your cartilage craves. So, my friend, the choice is clear. Embrace the power of Arthrogenix, the only natural joint supplement that boasts a rock-solid foundation of double-blind clinical trials. Reclaim your freedom from the shackles of joint pain and stiffness. It's time to take charge and experience a life transformed—one where your joints thrive and your vitality soars. Arthrogenix awaits, ready to unleash its remarkable potential upon your weary joints. Seize this opportunity, and let pain become a distant memory.

How Does the Guarantee Work Again?

When you take action and click that enticing button at the top or bottom of this page—yeah, the one that screams "Add to Cart" or "Start Your Order"—you're not just getting your hands on the incredible Arthrogenix, but you're also locking in a full 90-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. We've got you covered, no questions asked. All you need to do is reach out to our top-notch Customer Service Team, based right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. Give them a call or shoot them an email, and they'll swiftly process your refund. We believe in keeping things simple and hassle-free. So rest easy knowing that your investment in Arthrogenix is fully protected. There's absolutely no risk for you whatsoever. But wait, there's more! As if the guarantee wasn't enough, we're throwing in not one, but two exclusive bonuses valued at a whopping $84.85. Brace yourself for the Red Regions Recipes Book—an absolute game-changer. This groundbreaking guide is packed with simple recipes that will leave you feeling profoundly relaxed, alert, and rested. It's all about making the journey to living longer an enjoyable one. And that's not all. We're also including a bottle of Superior Vitamin D3, clinically proven to slash your risk for cancer, protect your precious heart, boost brainpower, and so much more. It's like a one-stop shop for ultimate well-being.Now, I know you might be wondering how to get in touch with us. Our toll-free line is 1-800-791-3395. Yup, just dial those digits, and our friendly team will be ready to assist you. And if you prefer to shoot us an email, our address is We're here to serve you, and nothing brings us more joy than ensuring your satisfaction. So, my friend, the time is now. Seize this opportunity to experience the transformative power of Arthrogenix while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with our 90- Day Money Back Guarantee. Claim your bonuses, dial that toll-free number, or hit us up with an email. We're standing by, eager to assist you on your journey to pain-free living. Take action, my friend, and let Arthrogenix pave the way to a brighter, healthier future.

How Long Will Arthrogenix Be Available to the Public?

Our mission is crystal clear: we want to make this groundbreaking joint health breakthrough accessible to every red-blooded American out there. Why? Because Arthrogenix is a total game-changer, my friend. It takes something that was once reserved for the elite, those ultra-rich folks, and brings it right to your doorstep for just a few measly pennies a day. But here's the harsh reality we face. There are powerful individuals out there who despise what we're doing. They're shaking in their boots, terrified of the impact Arthrogenix is making. They'd love nothing more than to silence us, to wipe us off the face of the internet. Yeah, that's right. They want to see this website vanish into thin air. Why? Because they can't stand the thought of you, my friend, getting your hands on this life-changing solution.Now, add that to the equation that each and every bottle of Arthrogenix is a masterpiece that takes up to a painstaking three months to manufacture. It's a true labor of love, but it also means that our stock is limited. So here's the deal: we can't promise you how long this website will be standing tall or how long we'll have bottles ready to ship. That's why the ball is in your court, my friend. If you're truly ready to unlock the incredible benefits of Arthrogenix, you need to act now. Don't delay. Don't let those naysayers and haters have the last laugh. Take control of your joint health destiny by placing your order today. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity. So seize the moment, my friend. It's time to make a move and secure your supply of Arthrogenix. Don't let those enemies of progress win. Take action now and experience a whole new level of joint health greatness.

Okay I’m Ready to Order Arthrogenix. What Now?

See that button staring at you, tempting you at the top or bottom of this page? Yes, that one. Click it, and don't hesitate. Place your order for Arthrogenix right now. Trust me, you won't regret it. Now, let me tell you about our most popular option, the 6-Bottle Package. It's a fan favorite for a reason. Not only does it provide you with all the incredible benefits of Arthrogenix, but it also saves you a bundle. Who doesn't love that? But hey, I get it. Maybe you have other preferences, and that's cool too. Whatever package you choose, the moment you make that decision and place your order, we spring into action. Our team is on high alert, ready to rush Arthrogenix straight to your doorstep. In just a matter of days, you'll be holding that little "time capsule in a bottle" in your hands. It's a game- changer, let me tell you. Take it as directed, day in and day out, and prepare to be blown away by the transformation happening within you. You'll feel like a whole new person, mark my words. Oh, and here's the cherry on top. We've got your back with our unbeatable 90 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied, if Arthrogenix doesn't live up to your expectations, we'll refund every single penny. No questions asked. We're that confident in the power of Arthrogenix and the impact it'll have on your life. So what are you waiting for? Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Click that button, place your order, and unlock the extraordinary power of Arthrogenix. Your journey to a better, more vibrant life starts now.

An (Incomplete) list of People Who Do

NOT Want You to Know About This Discovery
  • Research Labs Don’t Want You To Know About This - Since they get billions of dollars in government funding. What happens if it slips that you can increase your body’s natural supply of synovial fluid by taking an over the counter product with simple ingredients?
  • Most Doctors Don’t Want You To Know About This - Since they know nothing about Synovial Fluid Therapy - and that scares them. They don’t want to be on the outside-looking-in, especially when it could threaten their credibility and paychecks!
  • Big Pharma Companies Don’t want You to Know About This - Since they make hundreds of billions of dollars each year selling you drugs. This discovery could legitimately cost them hundreds of billions of dollars in lost profits over the next ten years.
  • Chiropractors Don’t Want You To now About This - Since they’re a $18.7 Billion dollar industry. Imagine if suddenly nobody had pain anymore… how many of these places would go bankrupt in the next year?
  • Massage Therapists Don’t Want You to Know About This - Since they’d see their business tank big time
  • Pretty Much Nobody Wants You To Know About This - Since they’ve been planning on squeezing every penny from you until the day you die.